What is Sparkle Glitter Cam?

Add beautiful sparkle and glitter effects to your photos and videos, and transform your ordinary pictures into shinning, and unique photos that will make you shine like a star. 

  • Upload your pictures directly from your gallery, and apply them glitter effects to give a new look to those old photos.
  • Take pictures and selfies, and apply beautiful light effects to your reflective objects.
  • Record videos, add or remove sound, and apply glitter effects that will shine in real time.
  • Change shape, size, and color to your photo’s glitter effect.
  • Apply any of the in-app filters to your photos and videos, and make the glitter effects more outstanding.
  • Add amazing glitter effects wherever you want in your photo or video with our paintbrush tool.
  • Not enough shine? Turn on the in-app flash light and make things reflects even more.
  • Resize your photos before sharing, to make them fit in any social network.
  • Photos are ideal to make you shine; we have the tools to make those photos much brighter.

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